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Paria develops fashion forward cycling apparel for use on and off the bike. Our range of technical kit and casual clothing caters for those who don’t sit inside the mainstream, reppin the social outsider.
Our designs draw influence from the world of cycling and beyond; anything leftfield -  taking inspiration from street culture, retro inspiration anything which sets you apart from a pedestrian vanilla lifestyle.
 At Paria, our global community of riders sit at the centre of everything we do. Our crew of riders take their life on two wheels seriously; train hard, ride hard and if it’s your bag – party hard. We represent cycling at it’s rawest side; the black sheep of the cycling world on the outside of society living life at full pace doing whatever you want. We're not all going to be 'full time office workers praying for a dry day to show of our new kit, Paria is here for the 'f**k work I’m going to ride' and I am 100% down for it.
Join the movement.